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Caucasus Barcode of Life – The Video

Check out the new ISU video on CaBOL! Prof. David Tarkhnishvili describes how the project developed from the GGBC project to today’s international Barcoding initiative and what are our main activities in CaBOL: field work & collecting, lab work and the database & bioinformatics. Regional coordinator Stefan Otto talks about the teaching and training aspects of CaBOL and applications in society. Students Shota Japarashvili and Lisa Karalashvili give insight into their involvement with CaBOL, their interests, areas of responsibilities in field work, sorting samples and species identification. Enjoy!


CaBOL/GGBC applied for the International Award for Education and Science Diplomacy of the BMBF in September 2020. In the course of this, a short video was created in which the project is presented and possible future initiatives are advertised.

Kintrishi BioBlitz

In July 2018, a mixed group of dozens of Georgian and German scientists and students visited the area to collect and identify specimens for DNA barcoding, in a so-called BioBlitz event, the first so far to take place in Georgia.

Video BioBlitz by
Video BioBlitz by