Voucher specimens for barcoding are photodocumented and stored in a zoological collection.

Armenia’s Science Committee and Yerevan State University have published an update on its international barcoding cooperations, namely the iBOL framework and the CaBOL project, giving an overview on activies, shared responsibilities and first results. Follow the links for more information (English) (Armenian) (YSU Update, in Armenian only).

iBol is an international framework of countries, governmental and non-governmental organizations, bringing together and coordinating efforts with the aim of barcoding all life on earth and making this information public to everybody. Also, iBOL supports specific and national barcoding efforts and organizes an annual meeting of member countries/organizations. Find out more on ibol.org.

Photo documentation of specimens in collections is an essential part of biodiversity research. The picture is a mosaic of real documenation photos taken in the CaBOL Project (using the Mosaikify software).