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A first molecular assessment of the fres...

A first molecular assessment of the freshwater fish diversity of Georgia

Epitashvili et al. 2020 just published a first estimation of the molecular diversity of the freshwater fishes of Georgia in the Biodiversity Data Journal. This study lays a solid base for DNA, based biodiversity assessment within the recently started CaBOL (Caucasus Barcode Of Life) project.

CaBOL on Instagram

The Caucasus Barcode of Life Project is on instagram. Follow us to be updated on the latest developments and get the most beautiful pictures of the fauna and flora of the Caucasus.

Checklist of hover flies (Diptera, Syrph...

Checklist of hover flies (Diptera, Syrphidae) of the Republic of Georgia

In early 2020, Ximo Mengual and various co-authors published a checklist on the Syrphidae of Georgia in Zookeys. The data was mainly collected as part of the GGBC fieldwork initiatives in 2018 and they provide the first DNA barcodes for the syrphid fauna of Georgia.

New CaBOL Website … Under Construction

New CaBOL Website … Under Construction

Dear friends of Caucasus Biodiversity, we are happy to announce that in June, 2020, the CaBOL Project has finally started, despite all difficulties related to the Covid-19 pandemy in this year. We are currently remaking the hompage based on webpages of the very successful pilot project GGBC 2018-2019. Please come back in the next days […]