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The CaBOL Taxonomic Backbone is a list of all possible species names which we might encounter when working on species diversity in the Caucasus in the CaBOL Project. Based on the list in the Georgian Biodiversity Database (Chaladze et al.) it is currently being amended by species names from taxon revisions, further literature sources etc.

All taxa are curated by the CaBOL Taxonomic Coordinators who oversee their attributed taxa and keep the species list updated with the help of invited experts for selected taxa within their fields of responsibility.

Fields of Responsibility:

  • Plants: Kosta Kereselidze (ISU)
  • Animals, Invertebrates (click to see)
  • Animals, Vertebrates: Levan Mumladze (ISU)
    • Vertebrates: (Fish) Bardukh Gabrielyan (SCZHE)
    • Vertebrates: (Amphibians/Reptiles/Molluscs/Fungi) Marine Arakelyan (YSU)
    • Vertebrates: (Mammals) Astghik Ghazaryan (YSU)

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  1. Nils Hein says:

    Hi Stefan

    I just uploaded the latest version (20.11.2020) of the Memo, which includes the information from the tax coord. from the YSU.


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