Further revision of material from the Merodon ruficornis group (Diptera: Syrphidae) revealed three new species, M. acutus Vujić et Radenković sp. nov. from Russia, M. fulvitarsis Vujić et Radenković sp. nov. from Iran, and M. trispinus Vujić et Radenković sp. nov. from Turkey. We provide an upgraded and illustrated identification key for the species of the group, as well as distribution maps for the new species. Moreover, we describe the female of M. portschinskyi Stackelberg, 1924. These new descriptions extend the range of the M. ruficornis group in almost all directions and bolster the very high level of endemism previously observed within this group. Of the 21 taxa (including the three new species described herein), 15 are narrow-range endemics.