A remarkable discovery for the flora of Georgia: Tulipa biflora Pall. is reported from Georgia for the first time. The species was found on Iaghluja Ridge in the vicinity of Rustavi (Kvemo Kartli region). The area belongs to the semi-arid climate zone. T. biflora grow on a ridge of marine and continental molasses on grey-cinnamonic soils with clay and small stones in phryganoid vegetation habitat, particularly in the plant community of thorny goat’s-wheat (Atraphaxietum spinosae). The total area of occupancy of the newly discovered populations of T. biflora is approximately 350 m²; they are under heavy anthropogenic pressure. The populations consist of approximately 350-400 individuals. The article contains coordinates and a map of the new location of T. biflora, as well as a description of the habitat with reference to all the key features. The herbarium specimens of T. biflora are stored at the National Herbarium of Georgia (TBI). The photo documentation is included in this article.