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First overview of animal invasions in Ar...

This list includes 40 species from various taxa of invertebrates and vertebrates,including nematodes, annelids, crustaceans, insects, mollusks, fish and mammals.For each species, we present data on the range of invasion in the territory of Armenia,indicating the corresponding naturalization time and introduction pathway.

Yerevan State University on Expedition i...

During the scientific expedition organized in the State Reserve “Khosrow Forest” the staff of the Department of Zoology of the Faculty of Biology of YSU got acquainted with the rich biodiversity. The State Reserve “Chosrow Forest” is one of the oldest protected areas in the world, whose establishment dates back about 1700 years. The reserve […]

Sawflies of Kintrishi National Park (Sak...

Sawflies of Kintrishi National Park (Sakartvelo)

The publication by Japoshvili & Haris in the “Annals of Agrarian Science” add sixteen genera and 42 species to the Symphyta checklist of Georgia (Sakartvelo). The seasonal dynamics and diversity of sawfly community and vertical zoogeographical distribution of sawflies are also analysed and discussed.

A. Kosyan just added a genus (Argiope, A...

A. Kosyan just added a genus (Argiope, Araneae) to the Checklist of Armenia

The article presents the first record of the genus Argiope, orb-weaver spiders from the Araneidae family in Armenia. The two female specimens of Argiope bruennichi (Scopoli, 1772) were found in the Lori Region (northern part), and two specimens of the female spider of Argiope lobata (Pallas, 1772) were recorded in the Tavush Region (north-eastern part) […]

Finally! After almost 50 years there is ...

The survey by Japoshivili et. al. revealed 1666 species for Lagodekhi protected areas, belonging to 17 orders. Insect fauna of LPA increased with more than 1000 species. The most numerous orders are Hymenoptera, with 652 species followed by Coleoptera (353), Lepidoptera (294) and Hemiptera (210).

Checklist of carrion beetles (Coleoptera...

Shota Japarashvili recently published a checklist of 26 species of carrion beetles (Silphidae, Coleoptera) for Sakartvelo in the journal Annals of Agrarian Science (vol. 19, 211-215). These species are represented by nine genera (Ablattaria Reitter, Aclypea Reitter, Dendroxena Motschulsky, Necrodes Leach, Nicrophorus Fabricius, Oiceoptoma Leach, Phosphuga Leach, Silpha Linnaeus, Thanatophilus Leach) and two subfamilies Nicrophorinae […]

Every Single Specimen Counts

Every Single Specimen Counts

Kurina and Kirik describe a new fungus gnat species from a single specimen collected from Georgia (Sakartvelo). The new species—Docosia caucasica sp. n.—has been described from material collected from the Lesser Caucasus Mountains.

Explore Georgia’s wealth of plants

Explore Georgia’s wealth of plants

Georgia may be a small country, but it has an extraordinary range of ecosystems, from humid Colchic forest to continental steppe, from Mediterranean vegetation along the Black Sea coast to alpine meadows next to mountain glaciers. This gives rise to an extremely rich flora, making Georgia a key contributor to the biodiversity hotspot of the […]