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Leptopus hispanus and Erianotus lanosus:...

Leptopus hispanus and Erianotus lanosus: the first DNA-assisted records of Leptopodidae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera) for the fauna of Georgia

The shore-bug (Leptopodidae Brullé, 1836) family is reported from Georgia for the first time upon several finds of Leptopus hispanus Rambur, 1840, and Erianotus lanosus (Dufour, 1834) (Hemiptera, Heteroptera). These species are widespread from the Mediterranean to Central Asia, including the Caucasus. Barcodes of the species, collecting information, and pictures of specimens are given.

Apoidea (Hymenoptera, Apiformes and Sphe...

Apoidea (Hymenoptera, Apiformes and Spheciformes) of Northwestern Georgia with new records for the country

In this survey, 116 species of 39 genera and 12 families from two sections Apiformes and Spheciformes of the superfamily Apoidea have been recorded from Georgia (Sakartvelo). Among them, one genus Polemistus de Saussure, 1892 and 39 species are new country records. This is just part of the studied and collected material, therefore the identification […]

First CaBOL Thesis – The diversity of sy

First CaBOL Thesis – The diversity of syrphids (Diptera, Syrphidae) along an elevation gradient in Kintrishi natural reserve

Master Thesis by Tinatin Chkhartishvili AbstractThe distribution of species by the elevational gradient around the world has been studied on the example of numerous animals or plants. There is not much information about the family Syrphidae in Georgia, especially about the distribution of species. For this very reason I have studied the distribution of hoverfly […]

Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) from No...

Sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) from North Western Georgia (Sakartvelo) (Part II.)

Reseant publication by George Japoshvili: 302 specimen belonging to 59 sawflies species were collected in North Western Georgia. Characteristic species are: Monoctenus lechkhumensis Haris & Japoshvili, 2022, Birka catellata (Konow, 1900), Eutomostethus ephippium ssp. vopiscus (Konow, 1899), Strongylogaster caucasica Schaposchnikov, 1885, Macrophya hamata ssp. caucasicola Muche, 1969, Tenthredopsis viridis Zhelochovtsev, 1941 and Calameuta grombczewskii (Jakowlew, […]

First record of Palorus subdepressus (Wo...

First record of Palorus subdepressus (Wollaston, 1864) (Coleoptera: Tenebronidae) from Georgia (Sakartvelo)

The darkling beetle Palorus subdepressus (Wollaston, 1864) is recorded from Georgia for the first time. Detailed information on the recording site, pictures of the voucher specimen, and identification criteria are given, along with a mini-review of the Palorus Mulsant, 1854 species ever recorded in Georgia.

Tulipa biflora Pall. (Liliaceae) – a new

Tulipa biflora Pall. (Liliaceae) – a new species for the flora of Georgia (South<br>Caucasus)

A remarkable discovery for the flora of Georgia: Tulipa biflora Pall. is reported from Georgia for the first time. The species was found on Iaghluja Ridge in the vicinity of Rustavi (Kvemo Kartli region). The area belongs to the semi-arid climate zone. T. biflora grow on a ridge of marine and continental molasses on grey-cinnamonic […]

First DNA-based record of Arachnocephalu...

First DNA-based record of Arachnocephalus vestitus Costa, 1855 (Orthoptera: Mogoplistidae) from Georgia

Eka Arsenashvili, Natalia Bulbulashvili and Lasha-Giorgi Japaridze recently published a paper in Caucasian about the first DNA-based record of Arachnocephalus vestitus Costa, 1855 from Georgia. The Mogoplistidae includes small and non-flying crickets with their bodies covered by the numerous squamellae, which are most diverse in tropical forests (Ingrisch 2006). The world fauna of Mogoplistidae consists […]

The Common Ant Cricket Myrmecophilus ace...

The Common Ant Cricket Myrmecophilus acervorum (Panzer, [1799]), new to the fauna of Georgia, southern Caucasus ecoregion (Orthoptera: Myrmecophilidae), with additional data on Myrmecophilus hirticaudus Fischer von Waldheim, 1846

Work of our Taxonomic coordinator, Armen Seropian about Common ant cricket Myrmecophilus acervorum (Panzer, 1799) The first record of the ant cricket Myrmecophilus acervorum in Georgia is presented. The species was discovered for the first time in Georgiain the Tbilisi region in 2021. Additional data on the distribution of M. hirticaudus in Georgia is presented